Reports of Interest

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Economic Study

Why an Economic Study?

1. Compile “baseline” economic data for the waterfront study area

2. Provide decision makers with a tool to make informed land-use decisions

3. Address the question - Which waterfront land uses provide the most measurable benefit to the city of Newport in the waterfront study area?

Goals - Newport 2030 Workshop

Top 3 Priority Recommendations

1. Create a continuous harbor walk 

2. Honor the working waterfront, maintain its relevance, and preserve its identity.

3. Develop mechanisms to encourage consistent coordination & communication

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Newport Comprehensive Land Use Plan

In the years ahead, Newport will need to manage the impacts and challenges of rising seas and more frequent and dangerous coastal storms. Fortunately, City leadership and staff have already begun to evaluate and plan for these challenges, which will impact almost every subject area addressed in this update to Newport’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan update (the “Plan” and “Comprehensive Plan”).

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What Will

Newport’s Waterfront

Look Like in 2030?

The city of Newport and its residents recognize that Newport Harbor is one of their most valuable economic, historical, cultural, and natural assets. As working waterfront is lost and markets change, Newport recognizes the need for proactive planning and a new vision for the harbor, much of which is poised for significant redevelopment. 

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Mapping Assets Vulnerable to Sea Level Rise

Newport, RI

Building Blocks for Climate Change Adaptation: Tools for Community Assessment and Planning

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Newport Resilience Assessment Tour: Newport Waterfront Overview Summary

Newport, like other waterfronts in Rhode Island and globally, is experiencing increased risks from sea level rise, extreme tides, and storms. In order to assist Newport’s waterfront businesses with making decisions and taking initial steps towards becoming more resilient, a team was assembled to participate in a rapid Newport Resilience Assessment Tour (NRAT) on July 29 – 31, 2014 and evaluate the vulnerabilities of waterfront businesses to sea level rise and extreme storms, and to identify opportunities to increase their resilience.

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Harbor Management Plan

The purposes of this plan are to provide goals, policies and implementation recommendations for the preservation, future protection, and management of Newport’s Harbor and Oceanfront. It is a guide to the wise and sustained use of these national and historic treasures in anticipation of the changing uses that citizens will wish to make of this priceless and finite resource, while complying with state and federal regulations.