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Save Newport's Waterfront

Our heartfelt thanks to all the frontline healthcare workers, first responders, support staff and essential workers!!!

Remembering Dr. Robin Wallace

We honor the passing of the irreplaceable Robin Wallace, beloved pediatrician, dear friend, wonderful neighbor, renowned race committee leader and founding member of Sail Newport.

Write a letter

Please write a letter to the Planning Board, Zoning Board,  City Council and City Manager.   Newport This Week and the Newport Daily News are also wonderful vehicles to share one's thoughts and concerns.

Peter Friedrichs - Newport City Planner

Every voice helps support the cause and educate the community. Please get in touch with us for town hall emails and other contact information if needed.


Thank you for becoming involved to safeguard the beauty of our waterfront and protect the health of our harbor.

Sign our Petition

Our alliance truly appreciates the involvement of people like you. 


Please read and consider signing our petition to stop the proposed Waites Wharf Hotel development without proper environmental and infrastructure assessments.

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Our Alliance

Our mission is to ensure that all future Newport Waterfront development preserves the visual integrity and architectural character of Newport while addressing the pressing issues of climate change, sewage and water infrastructure, traffic and parking which combine to strain our natural resources.

Our goal is to foster constructive discussions and creative solutions which benefit the needs of all Newporters and visitors, while striving for the balance of economic prosperity with environmental stewardship.

Forthcoming Events

Newport Planning Board

Steer Wheel on a Boat

Monthly Meetings

Monday, 2 August at 6:30 p.m.

Newport City Council 

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Monthly Meetings

Wednesday, 21 July at 6:30 p.m.

Newport Zoning Board

Coastal Navigation Sailing Course

Monthly Meetings

Monday, 26 July at 6:30 p.m.

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Check back for articles and information about the island environment and strategic planning.

Please Get Involved and Advocate for Strategic Planning in our Historic City

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